Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Microsoft Expression Web

Let me say two things in praise of Microsoft today:

1. They sponsored CodeMash.

2. I really, really like their new HTML editor, Expression Web. I like the split-screen, with the cursor that simultaneously shows each element in the WYSIWYG and HTML panes; I like the ease of generating in-line styles and moving them easily and cleanly to a separate CSS, I *love* the clean, uncluttered HTML it generates (*so* unlike FrontPage, ptui)

And, to my amazement, it's not Microsofty at all. It doesn't generate IIS-dependent code, you can preview the rendering in Firefox, etc. as easily as in IE. It's... respectful!

I'm officially asking my boss to buy us a copy. The one problem is... I prefer to work on Linux. Yes, I have a dual-boot machine, but going back and forth is a pain. So - can anybody recommend their favorite Linux-compatible HTML editors? Has anybody else tried Expression Web? Can you speak to how its features compare? Honestly, I've pretty much stuck with a text editor all this time, and I don't know if Expression Web's features are unique or routine.


Unknown said...


Hi this is robzonenet. I wont be able to make it to pycon this year. :( My boss can't afford 2 of us to go so the other guy gets to go.

Anyways, I use firefox. And 2 things I can't live without are mostly and

firebug will allow you to view it with two panes. One for the code and one for the html and maybe javascript. You make changes then you can move to your code. Who needs those non-open, non-free tools. :)

Have fun in Dallas.

cristobalpalmer said...

Hi Catherine,

Got to your blog from your TriLUG post. :)

If you really must have the windows app, why not run windows inside linux with qemu. The kernel accelerator module was recently GPL'd so it should be fairly painless to get near-native performance out of the windows virtual machine.