Friday, January 27, 2006

cleanPath executable ready

An executable version of cleanPath is now available here!

You do need .NET Framework 2.0 to run this. It's pretty painless to download and install. You don't need IronPython.

Thanks to the newest IronPython release for making this possible! When I run
, the code runs, and it also generates cleanPath.exe without even being asked to. Until now, though, that .exe didn't actually work. In IronPython 1.0 Beta 2, however, released just Wednesday, it works great! I do need to put IronPython.dll in my directory before I compile... other than that, it's so simple, even a DBA can do it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 an IronPython utility

During my CodeCamp presentation, I introduced a very sketchy (and logically flawed) script to examine a PATH environment variable and clean out unwanted elements.

Since then, I created a much-improved version in IronPython which, I think, is actually worth using. Features:
  • Conveniently view and delete path items
  • Nonexistent directories and duplicate items are flagged, and can be purged with one keystroke
It's Windows-only, but only Windows makes editing your PATH such a pain, anyway.

The code is here.

Right now, you need IronPython, and use "ironpythonconsole" to run it. I need to figure out how to generate an .exe, since getting set up with IronPython is too much to ask just to clean up your PATH.

[EDIT: An executable is ready now. See my next blog entry.]

Monday, January 23, 2006

Smurfette syndrome

One thing about the CodeCamp, though: severe Smurfette syndrome. Maybe 10% of the attendees were women, but probably closer to 5%.

I don't think it's the CodeCamp's fault; I'm afraid they may have gotten an accurate sample of the programmers in the area, and that's the scary thought. Possibly things would have been a little better on a weekday; men might feel more comfortable in taking a day away from home duties for their professional development. Still.

I know, it's been talked to death, and there are a million theories and stuff, but... yikes. It's just scary that one year goes by after another, and the situation persists.

On the other hand, the GCOUG meeting was about half women, maybe even a majority. At a small meeting, granted, but it's still a bright spot.

Dayton-Cincinnati Code Camp review

If you missed the CodeCamp, don't miss the next one. It was great. I'm not even into .NET, but even the minority of the conference that was non-.NET was well worth my time. Plus, sampling a bit of the .NET take on a few topics was good for my general education.

I almost wish I were involved in .NET, purely for the sake of the Dayton .NET group, which has a vitality that you just don't see that much of in the Dayton area IT community (at least, in my tracks thereof.)

Anyway, a few things I learned...
  • There really are Python-experienced people in the area; I'd just never found them before.
  • Ruby on Rails supports Oracle. Uh-oh. It's not that I'm unwilling to learn Ruby; it sounds great, and (of course) simple to learn. It's just that I really want to use TurboGears, but it uses SQLObject, and Oracle support in SQLObject is the sword in the stone. Many have tugged, but none have completed it, and maybe I should stop waiting and just use RoR for now.
  • Speaking of Ruby, never miss seeing Jim Weirich speak. I already knew that, but maybe you didn't.
  • GCOUG really needs to work on getting more people involved. There were 15-20 people at Jimmy Brock's talk on Oracle Developer Tools for .NET - none of whom had more than the haziest awareness of GCOUG's existence.
  • Speaking of Jimmy's talk, Oracle Developer Tools has a great and handy way to bring .NET assemblies from Visual Studio all the way into Oracle, where they can be used like stored procedures.
    So, one glorious day, this year I hope, Visual Studio will support IronPython, and I'll be able to (essentially) write my Oracle stored procedures in Python instead of PL/SQL. And choirs of angels will sing.
I'm sure I'll have more to say about the Camp as I think about it.