Sunday, February 11, 2007

Presenting at Dayton-Cincinnati Code Camp

The following topics you submitted have been selected to be included in this year’s Code Camp:

· Data in Python, from ASCII to ZODB

Yay! Be in West Chester, OH (i.e., Northern Cincinnati, basically) on March 24 for a fun, free day of Code Camp. Most of the content is .NET, but they're very gracious about encouraging other content, too.

My talk is going to be a broad survey of ways you can get data of various sorts into and out of Python programs - not just RDBMS, but everything from the simplest to the most elaborate of data infrastructures. It's a lot to take on in an hour, but I think it'll be good for raising awareness of the breadth of possibilities - even for non-Python programmers (you poor things). I know I've learned quite a bit already just outlining the talk.


Unknown said...

Is that zodb as in zope? If so I had no idea you messed with zope. :)

Jofish said...

can you put your talk up somewhere us ordinary mortals can access it? (and maybe link from... some other location?) for my sins, i'm teaching similar such things right now, and it'd be nice to point students to something like that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.