Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Community Service Award

Facundo Batista and I received the 4th-quarter Python Software Foundation Community Service Awards!

I actually heard about it several days ago, and have been tongue-tied (keyboard-tied?) since then. I'm mostly seen in and around Ohio these days, but I grew up thoroughly Minnesotan. If you pay Minnesotans a really extravagant compliment, you'll send them into a kind of blushing panic. All of our ancestors who enjoyed the limelight were found and eaten by bears, you see, so we evolved a genetic terror of having attention called to us.

Anyway, this is one of the most flattering honors I've ever received. THANK you, PSF! I hope I'll always be one of the Python world's many valuable contributors.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

cmd2 0.6.1

Many thanks to the audience at my PyCon cmd/cmd2 talk for your interest and enthusiasm! It was my first full-scale PyCon presentation and I absolutely loved it.

I need to follow up on three things I claimed in my talk:

1. "My presentation is already online at". FALSE (at the time I said it, and for several days afterward). I actually had posted the docs and edited the PyPI page to point to them, but forgot to update url in, so it overwrote the link when I registered cmd2's 0.6.0 release.

It's fixed now, though. The cmd2 PyPI page has a link to the cmd2 documentation, which in turn links to my talk slides. You can also watch the talk thanks to the fantastic PyCon video crew!

2. "A more stable version will be out within a couple weeks of PyCon." TRUE. 0.6.1 is not exactly stable stable, but I think I've smoothed out bugs that snuck in while I was pushing to release 0.6.0 for PyCon.

3. "sqlpython will be more presentable in a couple weeks, too." TRUE. The new sqlpython 1.7.1 brings the postgreSQL functionality (thanks Andy!) to pretty near 100% (except for the can't-see-other's-schemas problem, which should be fixed for 1.7.2.) I believe that MySQL should be fully functional, too, but that's very lightly tested because I barely use MySQL and don't know much about how to test it.