Friday, June 15, 2007

get a job, sha na na na

If you're reading this and you're interested in switching jobs, let me know...

... because I'm constantly being asked these days whether I know people looking for work. It's a good feeling, but it would be a better feeling if I had somebody to refer them to. And I'm sure I'm not the only one getting these inquiries, so if you've felt stuck writing boringCode for a pointy-haired boss, it's a great time to let your friends know.

This applies to Python people as well as Oracle. That's a neat change; when I got involved in Python a few years ago, the assumption was that most Python programmers had day jobs using more boring languages, and could only use Python in their passion-driven midnight coding sprees. Now, employer interest is very high - it seems employer interest has actually grown faster and overtaken the population of Python coders. That's especially noteworthy when you consider how quickly someone can become a Python programmer.

Anyway, good times for Py and Ora geeks. Woo hoo!