Monday, February 26, 2007

Thanks to Google

... the Geek Event Aggregator is working again. Shortly after my post about the upload to gCal not working, I got an email from Ryan Boyd, of Google's Calendar team:
Someone brought the following post to my attention and I thought I'd follow up and see if I can be of any assistance... The problem that you are experiencing (500 error: Cannot access the calendar you requested) is due to the large size of (number of events in) the calendar.
Wow! Thanks to whoever passed my whining on to him... let me never speak ill of this social web stuff!

With that information, I was able to get it working again, so go ahead and check out that APL conference near your uncle in Kalamazoo.

Better yet, I was able to give my Lightning Talk on it, and it was very well received. The Lightning Talks are so popular that PyCon doesn't even schedule anything opposite them anymore, so basically the entire conference body of 593 people (!!!) was there; I've never spoken before so many in my life. I'm glad that didn't occur to me until afterward.

In the talk, I briefly outlined the architecture. At some point I'll post about it here. The basic principle is: HTML interpretation is hard, let's go datetutils.parser.parse()ing!

Yeah, PyCon! I just got back, and I've got so much to say; expect a flurry of blog posts as soon as I can get to it. I'm as happy as a clam. As several clams! As several unusually happy clams!

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