Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Database comics

Clearly, it's somebody's responsibility to create a Hall of Fame for database-related comic strips. I may as well start gethering them here.

xkcd comic: Exploits of a Mom

Fault-tolerance comic on key-value stores

What else is out there?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

now that's agile

My favorite anecdote from PyOhio 2009:

William McVey
prepared slides for his Sunday PyOhio presentation using reStructuredText and rst2s5, but he wasn't satisfied with S5's presentation quality. He tried rst2odp to generate an OpenOffice Impress document instead, but it failed him.

So he convened a Saturday night sprint on rst2odp at PyOhio. Working past midnight, a small team fixed the rst2odp flaws. William regenerated his slides and presented successfully on Sunday.

Finally, in a mighty feat of recursion, he described the feat in a lightning talk Sunday evening, using slides generated by rst2odp, including a slide that contained the source code of the lightning talk he was giving, including the slide with the source code...

Oracle - Linux - Python tutorial slides (PyOhio)

Todd Trichler from OTN is beginning his half of our presentation while I post... my half's materials are here.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

doubleplus PyOhio

>>> 2009 > (2 * 2008)

PyOhio 2008 had 93 registrants. PyOhio 2009 has more than doubled that number already. Hooray!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

PyOhio registration, schedule, sponsors...

Things are really coming together!


  • PyOhio registration is open. 38 people have signed up in just over a day!
  • The talk schedule is up. 25 talks, my goodness.
  • Oracle Technology Network and Intellovations have stepped forward as sponsors.
  • Oracle is also sending Todd Trichler to cooperate with me on a two-hour tutorial on Oracle/Python/Linux. I'm enjoying the preparations so far - I think you'll like it if you have any interest in databases.