Friday, March 22, 2013

post-PyCon post

You might be sick of me saying after each PyCon, "That was the best PyCon ever!", but it's not my fault if it's true.

I hardly know where to start summing up the highlights...

  • PyPGDay was a great addition! I've had virtually no exposure to the PostgreSQL community before, so this was very valuable to me. Evan Klitzke from Uber gave a talk on migrating to PG from MySQL that is going to save me a ton of time, and Jeff Davis from Aster showed off the huge usefulness of range types.
  • Naomi had to talk me into the Education Summit, but I'm glad she did - I got a lot of great ideas and inspiration that will help in teaching future workshops.
  • One of these ideas was the use of Matt Davis' fantastic ipythonblocks, which will let us do graphical exercises right within the IPython Notebook - an amazing, intuitive, seamless learning experience.
  • Speaking of the IPython Notebook, this PyCon was really its tour de force. Seemed like everyone was using it to do and show just amazing things. If you haven't seen some talks on it yet, go watch a bunch of videos immediately and then watch a bunch more when the PyCon 2013 talks are online - the docs alone can't do justice to the possibilities the Notebook creates. We've only begun to take advantage of this fantastic environment.
  • I mentioned my ambition to create an IPython-based SQL client to Fernando Perez from the IPython team, and he jumped to show me what I need to know. The day after coming home, I checked in a %%sql magic. It's not ready for prime time yet (or even PyPi) and it may warrant merging into a similar project, but it was a delight to play off the capability of the Notebook.
  • Peter Wang and Travis Oliphant showed me - personally! - Wakari, an amazingly powerful online hosted Python environment. I can't wait to play.
  • I'm not going to list all the people I loved seeing and catching up with, because it wouldn't mean much to most blog readers. But the fact is it would be a lonely year if I couldn't see my PyCon friends (and make some new ones).
  • If GitHub had an AI, it would be looking at me funny and asking, "What's got into you lately?" PyCon, that's what. And I'm nowhere near done.

Thank you to the fantastic bunch of volunteers who make this such an amazing conference, and to all the participants who bring their ideas and their friendship.


dartdog said...

Nice summary wish I could have gotten there, IPython notebook is awesome and so is Pandas!

Titus Brown said...

You and your SQL interfaces ;). Looking forward to it!

Unknown said...

Yeah, totally agree about IPython Notebook being huge at PyCon and being amazing.