Friday, March 22, 2013

The Canadian menace

Incidentally, some people have been asking, "Wait a minute - PyCon-US in Canada? How does that work? Wouldn't it be more correct to call it PyCon-NA for North America?"

It might, if this were a case of nations cooperating to share PyCon. However, that is not the case. You will notice that the Canadians haven't cancelled their own PyCon. Rather, they have seized PyCon-US by ruthless volunteerism and are even now dragging it off to their stronghold on the St. Lawrence, to hoard it along with the PyCon they already have. That's right, they want ALL THE PYCONS.

Pythonistas of the world, be warned! When friendly faces from the North arrive to lend a hand, watch them carefully! Or you'll soon be flying to Vancouver for PyAr and Winnipeg for EuroPython.

Just to clarify: I am giddy over having PyCon in Montreal. I'm so excited that they'll probably need to name a Montreal Syndrome to go along with Jerusalem Syndrome and Paris Syndrome.


Steve said...

If PyOhio ever ends up in Winnipeg we will know you have sold out to our Northern masters. Of course as a subject of the UK monarch I will naturally assist any Commonwealth country to subvert the iron grip the US has on PyCon

Unknown said...

Steve, don't think that the mother country is safe from their boundless ambition. All squabbles over Scottish separatism and Welsh bilingualism will seem laughable in the day we all languish alike under the Canadian boot (a Sorel, naturally).

Actually, my family home is much closer to Winnipeg than to Ohio. And I'm about 3/8 French-Canadian by blood. I'm probably a Canadian mole myself, come to think of it.

Unknown said...


Lennart Regebro said...

Are you sure that what you are experiencing isn't a variation of Stockholm syndrome?