Friday, April 10, 2009

Penguicon 7.0

If you're anywhere near Michigan, you need to consider Penguicon. It's an open-source software conference! It's a science-fiction con! It's two great tastes that really do taste great together. There's always a great deal of excellent technical content, and the SF people lend a really healthy sense of relaxation and creativity to the whole thing. Where else can you learn CSS and belly dancing in one weekend?

I'm giving a talk at Penguicon this year: "sqlpython: SQL is fun again". It's sort of a preview of my upcoming SQL*Plus Alternatives talk at IOUG Collaborate... but without the stuff about Oracle-only tools, and with more focus on sqlpython's rapidly developing cross-RDBMS powers, and a healthy plug to pull more people into the project.

In fact, I'm leaving directly from Penguicon to Collaborate. Yikes! It'll be a fun week.

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dgou said...

Wow, the summer of sqlpython has begun! PyCon lightning talk -really- jump started things. Can't wait to see where sqlpython is by PyOhio time!