Monday, April 06, 2009 connecting tech women speakers with event organizers
Many organisers of technical conferences, meetups, and dinners want to have more gender-balance in their lineups, but they don't know where to find technical women speakers.

Enter, a simple directory and connections system to help technical women speakers and event organisers to find each other.
I'm really glad to see this. I'm even more glad to see, browsing through speakers, that they really are technical women. I've... um, there's no good way to say this... seen other "tech women" groups that quickly became dominated by women networking for their multilevel marketing careers. It's pretty understandable, since they have a much more obvious need to network than us geeks - but, you know, it's really not the purpose.

Anyway. geekspeakr's are the real deal. w00t! Need more Python and Oracle speakers there, though.

Note to self: just as soon as the PyOhio CFP is out (very soon), do not neglect to spam Pythonistas on geekspeakr! At least, the ones vaguely near Ohio.

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