Friday, April 20, 2007

Hello Penguicon

I'm having a fantastic time at Penguicon so far...

except, of course, for being unable to connect my laptop to the projector for my talk. Aaaaaaaaaah!

If you were in my audience, 1) thank you for bearing with me, 2) I hope you managed to get something out of it, and 3) I'm so glad you came here!

The full tarball of talk material is available here. You can use it to look through the plain-text version of the talk (independently available here), or install vpython on your system and run the demos (I recommend running 'python', then looking at the code), or actually install Bruce on your system so you can run ' pyIntro.soc' and see the presentation the way you should have seen it at the con.

Thanks for being a great, involved - not to mention forgiving - audience!

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Anonymous said...

Ack, sorry I didn't recognize your face at the time to say hi after my panel(s)! I had wanted to attend yours but I had had a dinner commitment.

I had a problem with the laptop-data projector connection, too. The Linux laptop never got through; the Windows XP laptop did after a couple of tries.