Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dayton, meet Python. Python, Dayton.

I'm giving an introduction to Python at the next Dayton Perl Mongers meeting:
(Caution: the hCalendar creator didn't work for me with Opera or IE, only Firefox.)

If you're in the area, and still haven't learned Python (how have you put up with this blog?), please drop by!

I think that, to keep some visual interest up, I'll use Python's turtle module for some of my demonstrations. Not exactly snooty enterprise stuff, but turtle graphics are cute. Either that, or possibly vPython, which is certainly more impressive - but a bit more complex and less intuitive, possibly wrong for an introduction.

(I haven't forgotten my promise to post about PyCon. I'm waiting for presentation links to be published so I can refer to them.)

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Anonymous said...

Obviously a little late for your Python intro. I guess that would mean there is no Python users group in the Dayton area. I'm going to try to make the next LUG meeting, perhaps there will be other Python enthusiasts there. Keep up the work on the blog. It's very useful.