Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Intro to Python presentation

I've put the presentation for tonight's Intro to Python talk here.

It's not exactly the "slides" - it's a Bruce presentation. Bruce is great for live demos, especially for Python. Unfortunately, there's no "slide deck" that you can review statically - if you want to use it, you have to install Bruce and run it. The TAR I posted has a README with some basic instructions.

Since many conference organizers want a slide deck, one nice addition to Bruce would be a way to generate a slide deck. (No, I'm not volunteering... yet.) The other wart I ran into was the difficulty of changing the font sizes for the interpreter. Setting values in Socrates !CONFIG directives and didn't work; I had to dig down into and hard-code new font size values. That one, I probably could patch, if I get time.

Anyway, I did end up using Visual Python to do some fun solar system simulations. That should hold audience attention, I think...

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