Tuesday, March 28, 2006

summary of Oracle/Python discussion

My OTN article on Oracle and Python was kept very brief, to be non-intimidating and to fit within OTN's preferred length. If you've come here, though, you're ready for the rest of the story! I'll use this post to summarize that discussion.
  • Python+Oracle on other Linux distributions - see Andy Todd's blog entry
  • alternatives to fetchone(): fetchmany(), fetchall(), and looping directly on the cursor - see my last entry and this comment
  • Passing an argument to split(), to avoid errors on more complex init.ora parameters - see this comment


Anonymous said...

file object also implements iterator protocol.
You could have used in your read() function.
For example:
def read(fileName):
  initParams = {}
  for rawTextLine in open(fileName):
    param, val = rawTextLine.strip().split('=', 1)
    initParams[param] = val
  return initParams

Tarry Singh said...

Nice blog, Catherine.

I too am a Oracle/Google/Vmware/Java enthusiast. And lately given all the fame that Ruby and Python is getting, I'm inclined to take a look at it.

Anyways keep up the good work and keep blogging ;-)


Anonymous said...
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