Tuesday, March 07, 2006

new and improved sqlWrap.py

After reading the Python Cookbook and attending PyCon, I have enormously improved sqlWrap.py, my Python module for handling DB-API 2.0 connections conveniently.

Also at PyCon, I learned that I could be accused of having duplicated projects likeLike them, I allow tuple-like, dict-like, and object-like access to fields. I like mine better, though; it requires less preparation, and has really nice reporting methods. For example,

conn = sqlWrap.SqliteConnection('myDb.sqlite')
print conn.select('myTable').xml()

... is all you need to get an XML report on myTable. Similar reporting methods exist for
  • tables in pp (prettyprint), xhtml, ReStructured Text
  • transposed tables in pp, xhtml, ReStructuredText
  • SQL INSERT statements

Hey, if everybody gets to write their own web app platform, why shouldn't I write my own DB-API wrapper?

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