Monday, July 28, 2014

auto-generate SQLAlchemy models

PyOhio gave my lightning talk on ddlgenerator a warm reception, and Brandon Lorenz got me thinking, and PyOhio sprints filled my with py-drenaline, and now ddlgenerator can inspect your data and spit out SQLAlchemy model definitions for you:

$ cat merovingians.yaml 
  name: Clovis I
    from: 486
    to: 511
  name: Childebert I
    from: 511
    to: 558
$ ddlgenerator --inserts sqlalchemy merovingians.yaml 

from sqlalchemy import create_engine, Column, Integer, Table, Unicode
engine = create_engine(r'sqlite:///:memory:')
metadata = MetaData(bind=engine)

merovingians = Table('merovingians', metadata, 
  Column('name', Unicode(length=12), nullable=False), 
  Column('reign_from', Integer(), nullable=False), 
  Column('reign_to', Integer(), nullable=False), 

conn = engine.connect()
inserter = merovingians.insert()
conn.execute(inserter, **{'name': 'Clovis I', 'reign_from': 486, 'reign_to': 511})
conn.execute(inserter, **{'name': 'Childebert I', 'reign_from': 511, 'reign_to': 558})

Brandon's working on a pull request to provide similar functionality for Django models!

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