Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Please consider participating in TRUCEConf (March 18-19 in Cincinnati)!

The goal is to help the tech community heal, through learning from others outside our industry and having an open dialogue and on how we can be better humans to each other in the world of tech.

You may remember fierce controversy around TRUCEConf when virtually nothing was known about it but its name; without solid information, it was easy to read bad connotations into the name. I would have been uneasy myself if I hadn't known the founder, Elizabeth Naramore.

But now there's plenty of information, including the schedule, that should replace those concerns with enthusiasm. I think the format - a day of mind-opening speakers from all over, followed by an unconference day - should be very productive!

I'm really looking forward to it and hope that many of you can come. If you can't come in person, consider supporting the conference with a donation - they're going without corporate sponsors so your individual support means a ton. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Nice, you get to visit Cincinnati! I live near it. But alas, I have classes during that time. So, I wish you a great time Downtown and near the river front. It's great around there, the river front mostly though.

I also wanted to let you know that the first link doesn't go anywhere.

anatoly techtonik said...

You have a broken link to the conf.

anatoly techtonik said...

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