Tuesday, July 30, 2013

PyOhio Stone Soup

Loved PyOhio once again! Thanks so much to everybody who came, participated, and made it happen! I get such a rush of joy from seeing the Ohio Union fill up with happy Pythonistas.

PyOhio has been a classic case of the Stone Soup story. When we started planning the first one, we really didn't have the resources to pull off a conference; we were just a handful of PyCon 2008 attendees who wanted to bring something like PyCon home. But as we put it together, people appeared, pitched in, and we had a modest, amateurish - but fun! - little conference in the Columbus Public Library. PyOhio 2008 drew participants and volunteers who helped make PyOhio 2009 bigger and better; 2009 drew in more involvement for 2010; and so forth, year after year.

July 26-27, 2014. See you in Columbus!

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