Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I was thinking about staying home from PyCon in 2013.

I know, that's a horrible idea. But financing the trip has gotten hard recently, and I want to spend weeks and weeks in Montreal for PyCon 2014, so I was thinking maybe I'd save up my travel money for a spectacular trip to Quebec in a year.

But now look what they've done. PyPgDay. Postgres and Python. They've got my number. Resistance is futile.

The CFP is out; I'll be thinking about what I can propose. Maybe this will lead to a spasm of EDD (embarrassment-driven development) on sqlpython and cmd2.

So keep close watch over your kidneys, because I may resort to stealing them to make the trip, but I'll see you in Santa Clara.

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Carl Trachte said...

The PyPgDay made me change my plans as well: another two days in the hotel, two tutorials to fill in the days between when PyPgDay is over and when the conference starts, and a flight change which was a bit pricey.

I'm relieved that you are going to be there. I had assumed when I signed up that certain luminaries would indeed be at this thing, and you were among them.

Have a safe trip. CBT