Saturday, December 15, 2012

ipython_doctester 0.2

The big improvement for 0.2 is that ipython_doctester now optionally reports test results to an instructor's webapp, In a classroom setting, this helps a teacher see who needs more time or help.

To turn on reporting, at the beginning of the IPython Notebook session,

import ipython_doctester
ipython_doctester.workshop_name = 'demo1'
ipython_doctester.student_name = 'Catherine'
from ipython_doctester import test

The instructor should run through the notebook first, executing all cells just to register each of the function names in order. Then she can check on the class's progress at

You can also optionally set ipython_doctester.verbose = True to get the full table of results for every exercise, even the successes.

I plan to use this for the Columbus Python Workshop on Jan 18-19. Anyone you know from central Ohio needs to hear about this class!

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Steve said...

Very interesting, Catherine. Clearly time I updated!