Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Ohio LinuxFest

I feel bad for not blogging after PyOhio. I just have trouble finding words. Along with PyCon, it's a sort of family reunion for me.

But anyway - next conference: Ohio LinuxFest. This weekend, so sign up now now now move move move - I think today is the pre-reg deadline. It's always a great event, draws people from all over the East and sometimes further. Look for our PyOhio table to have a Python chat (or help staff the table, and introduce other attendees to Python joy). OLF is one of the best places in the region for midway mingling.

I'm speaking on HTSQL. I spoke on it at Indiana LinuxFest in the spring, too, only this time it follows several months of using it seriously at work. The experience has only made me more enthusiastic about HTSQL. Check it out... there's still time to be an early adopter and sneer at everybody else after it becomes famous.

See you in Columbus! Register now!


Ben Snider said...

I really enjoyed the HTSQL talk. I will be looking into it. Thanks!

Warren said...

So sorry I had to miss this one - it looked really interesting!

But so was another at the same time slot :-|

For some reason, the conference organizers failed to ask me what order talks should be in so I could hear all the ones I wanted :P