Friday, July 16, 2010


PyOhio staff badge
We are 15 days from the third PyOhio, and I am so excited... My first hope for PyOhio was that it would become a little slice of PyCon-ish goodness in our region... we've definitely accomplished that. This year we're adding on some very serious sprinting that, I think, will make PyOhio an important part of the Python scene not just here, but worldwide.
  • The Android Scripting Workshop has the potential to make Python-lovers of a whole new class of people who wouldn't even call themselves programmers (yet)... people who love their powerful Android phones and will love them even more once they learn the power of scripting on them. One question I'd like your advice on: how do we let these people know about the workshop? They're not reading my blog, after all...
  • The Contribu-palooza is a set of linked events (a classic talk, a "Teach Me" talk, and a big fat sprint) designed to make you into a contributor to the Python language, starting from nothing - we supply the motivation, the skills, and then the hands-on practice. I'd like to see this produce both an immediate new set of Python contributors (including me) and a new way of bringing contributors in.

I hope to see you there!


David Goodger said...

re The Android Scripting Workshop, why not ask AndroidGuys to put up an article?

JDW said...

are there any plans to record video of the ASW, or other events at PyOhio? it'd be great if there were..

Unknown said...

Thanks for the advice, David - I've sent a message to AndroidGuys.

JDW, though the talks of PyOhio will be recorded and posted at, the Android Workshop is held sprint-style, in conjunction with the sprints... I'm afraid it's pretty much unrecordable. But maybe we can talk to Gloria about what sort of material she could publish.