Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm speaking at Penguicon

Ren'Py: A Visual Novel Engine

Computer gaming, anime/manga, Python programming, fiction writing: Ren'Py is everything you love about Penguicon rolled up into one. It's an open-source visual novel engine that lets you program graphical games and stories with the greatest of ease. Creating basic linear or branched stories is almost as easy as writing them on paper - yet Ren'Py is also a full-fledged Python environment, so there's no limit to what you can program as you learn. This intro will show you everything you need to start creating your own masterpiece. Ikimashou, otaku-san!

May 1, 2010, 12 noon - 1 PM
Detroit Marriott Troy
200 W. Big Beaver Rd.
Detroit MI 48084

YOU: Okay... but will you give the presentation wearing a homemade Elizabethan-era dress?
ME: Yes!
YOU: Cool! Um... why?
ME: Because this is Penguicon!

What's Penguicon? It's an open-source software conference... it's a science fiction fandom conference... it's an awesome hybrid of the two! Super-sharp technical people come for some awesome knowledge sharing, and the SF fans help make the atmosphere even more relaxed and imaginative than at a normal FOSS con. I love both sides of the con and especially the ways they mix together, which is why I wanted to give a talk this time that would really encompass it all. (Costumes are totally optional, by the way. But they sure are fun!)

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See you in Detroit!


Steve said...

OK, so how come bloody Penguicon gets the home-made Elizabethan-era dress? What did PyCon do to deserve this terrible snub?

Have a great time. Sorry I won't be able to join you - teaching and writing commitments preclude it.

shiihs said...

I'm not sure why you still want to go, given that they forgot to mention you on the celebrity page ;)

Unknown said...

Steve: Well, the dress is actually pretty bulky, and what with airline baggage fees these days, it's just not very practical to bring it on a plane flight. :)

Shi: I actually was on the official "Nifty" guest list last year! I don't think anybody can be continuously Nifty, though I'm still hoping to attain Neat or Nice.

Sarah Elkins said...

Well, that's the first specific Penguicon event added to my calendar (other than the whole weekend being blocked out):
"noon Devlin on Ren'Py in Elizabethan dress"

All I'm doing this year at Penguicon is making liquid nitrogen ice cream, so I should be able to make it!