Sunday, January 17, 2010

CodeMash general recap

Believe the hype. CodeMash is all that. It's people from all over the region and beyond whose enthusiasm and intelligence is too much to stay channelled in one technology. There are consistent preferences - for agile methods, open-source code, etc. - and a majority user community - .NET - but it's full of people who know that cross-pollination and cross-training are where it's at.

The one problem is the same one that all big conferences have: the scheduled talk track is so rich that it's almost impossible to pull yourself away to the Open Spaces. As next year's planning begins, I'll agitate for a schedule that somehow makes some Open Space time that doesn't run parallel to sponsored talks; I actually think Open Spaces on the precompiler day (maybe as the entire content of the precompiler day) would be a great idea. Except that it's probably best to let the regular conference content prime the pump first... hmm...

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