Friday, November 20, 2009

PyCon pre-favorites

When I look over the PyCon 2010 talk list, I'd like to be at about half of them (a physical impossibility, until I master self-multiplexing). Still, these are the ones that I'll move heaven and earth to be at. What about you - what are your favorites?
Extending Java Applications with Jython
I'm hopeful that this can really move Jython from my "stuff I think is cool" box to my "stuff I use every day" box.
IronPython Tooling
This is going to cover development environments and tools for debugging and profiling... pretty much a necessity in the .NET world. I also hope to use the video of this talk in the future in talking to the hordes of programmers around here who live and breathe Visual Studio.
Python in the Browser
Silverlight is way too cool to leave to the C# kids.
Think Globally, Hack Locally - Teaching Python in Your Community
As a local group-leader type geek, I'd love to start some of these Hack Nights.
Dude, Where's My Database?
There were so many proposals for descriptions of non-relational databases - but this one really stands out because it looks at the huge picture, classifying databases by their broad category and highlighting what makes each category beneficial for particular purposes.
Sprox: data driven web development
I confess - I've fallen behind the TurboGears world lately. Nobody's demanded a dynamic web app of me for a while, and TG has moved too fast for me to keep track of it. When last I was involved, Sprox was just emerging. I hope this talk will help me catch up.
Revisioned Databases for MultiUser Editing
Revisioned databases are an interesting concept, and seeing how one was actually developed should warm my datageek heart.
Easy command-line applications with cmd and cmd2
Interactive command-line interfaces were good enough for ZORK, and they're good enough for you! cmd and cmd2 make them crazy-easy. (I'll get in trouble if I don't go to this one, since I'm the speaker.)
Dealing with unsightly data in the real world
Gathering data from disparate, chaotic sources is a big part of pretty much everybody's life. I'm eager for any new insights.
An Underwater Python: Tortuga the Python Powered Robot
because, deep down inside, people everywhere are the same; we all want to be loved, and Python-powered robot submarines.

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Joseph said...

Wow my talk made your list, it provides more pressure to put on a good one I. (I am the robot guy)