Sunday, November 22, 2009

Viva Tortuga

Joseph Lisee, author of the upcoming Python submarine robot PyCon talk, left a comment on my last post. I think he was a little shy about me highlighting him.

I'm sorry, Joseph. You really left me no choice.

Completely Unfounded Rumors About "An Underwater Python: Tortuga the Python Powered Robot"

Roll 1d6 for each hour spent in the Atlanta Hyatt bar.
  1. 1. Joseph will announce the release of, a pure-Python implementation of the Three Laws of Robotics.
  2. 2. Bring a swimsuit and snorkel. One lucky audience member will be picked to join Tortuga in the hotel pool, where Tortuga will take a fish from their hand.*
  3. 3. Jozeph 'az been practeeseeng 'eez reedeeculous Jacques Cousteau accent for months and weel uze eet to deeleever zee eentire talk.
  4. 4. Several minutes into the presentation, Tortuga will overpower Joseph, throw him from the stage, and announce that humankind is obsolete and has been deprecated.
  5. 5. Attendees will be asked to pour out a libation to Poseidon. Any caffeinated beverage may be used.
  6. 6. There will be a sprint to construct a tall, dapper companion to Tortuga for communication and protocol purposes.
* - No, Tortuga won't be physically present at PyCon. It's not that portable. Believe me, the program committee asked!

P. S. Blogger, don't you know what an <ol> is? You know, like an <ul> with numbers.


Carl Trachte said...

This shows how gullible I am. Was all psyched about the swimming pool demo and was about to tell my wife about it when I read the footnote - oh well, maybe next year - Tortuga II "I'll be back."

Unknown said...

I think what Joseph actually said was that Tortuga was way too bulky to bring with him on the plane to Atlanta. But maybe if we get a truck and do the transport ourselves...