Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spend Like a Pirate Day

Why do we Americans continue to carry around drab $1 bills, struggling to cram mushy, wrinkled paper into vending machine readers, when we could carry gleaming, clinking, golden doubloons?

Admire the gleam and the weight. This is the proper sensory experience for money!

I just found out you can buy boxes of 250 coins directly from the mint. Granted, there's $5 shipping, so you're paying $255 to get $250, but your credit card kickback should cover that. Then you can eschew that lame ATM for months! Let's face it, you only use cash for little purchases these days anyway. Make every cash transaction enjoyable!

When you receive your coins, feel free to run your hands through them several times, purring, "Arrrrrr! Thar's treasure for ye, me mateys!" Do NOT, however, bury them in a sturdy wooden chest and draw a map with a dotted line and an X. I know it's tempting! I want to do it, too! But the point is to get more of these beauties into circulation.



oraclenerd said...

So this one time, in band camp...i mean Australia, I started throwing pennies into the fountain, only to realize that they were $2 pieces that resembled pennies.


Anonymous said...

Getting $ coins was always a special effort from my local bank; they claim it's hard for them to get the coins and they had to save them for me instead of being able to order them; not sure what to believe about that.

Harrrr! No more skulking about bank lobbies! No more buying books of ten first class stamps with larger bills just to get the coins in change...