Friday, May 22, 2009

Wanted: pictoral Field Guide to Nerds

My grandfather was an amazing man. He seemed to know every living soul in Duluth, Minnesota. He never forgot a face.

I didn't inherit that gene. Remembering faces and names is a huge challenge for me. "Very nice to meet you, Mrs. - wait, have we met before? Oh, Mom! I'm sorry." I can spend fifteen minutes in conversation with someone, and five minutes later be unable to bring their face into my mind. It's frustrating and humiliating. I need technological help.

I'd love a website full of labelled and indexed photos of the inhabitants of geekland, something I could brush up on before a conference, or study afterward to cement the new acquaintances into my memory.

Does something like this exist? Failing that, does anybody have some good ideas for how it could be made? At present, my best idea is for some sort of Flickr mashup.


Shawn said...

I know you've been avoiding it, but some people use Facebook for this (e.g.: The PyCon 2009 Facebook group).

dwelden said...

Google Image Search

Anonymous said...

I can usually remember faces, names are quite tricky.

However, I would suggest not using facebook. Esp. after the Women in IT/Rails fiasco. Surely there is a better place:

Shawn said...

> I would suggest not using facebook. Esp. after the Women in IT/Rails fiasco.

Woah, that Peter Thiel info is new to me--and unfortunate. Although I don't see how the Rails fiasco is tied with not using Facebook. Are you simply noting a shared acceptance of sexist ideals or is there something I'm missing?

Blue Hollow said...

Personally, I sometimes use my smartphone's camera for this purpose. But another solution that *might* take off is LinkedIn. I've been seeing a lot of people joining, though many haven't yet posted photos.