Saturday, March 28, 2009

sqlpython lightning talk follow-up

This morning's lightning talk on sqlpython was an example of what's so great about PyCon - it instantly really good suggestions about how to go onward with sqlpython development, and offers of collaboration. Awesome!

Except that I forgot to show the instant graphs using \b / \l terminators. Rats! That's the most eye-catching part!

I wasn't prepared for the common question, though: "Where's the repository?" Well, it's here: It is crazy-unstable, and if you're actually trying to use it, use the PyPI version instead.

I mean to get a link to that into the docs as soon as possible, but I don't have Sphinx configured right on this machine, so that may have to wait.

Quick review of the lightning talk:

* Unix-like powers: cat, ls, grep, >, |
* Python interactive session; access to resultsets (`r`) and bind variables (`binds`)
* Special output formats with alternate terminators (see `help terminators`)
* The magic that makes sqlpython work:
- cmd
- cmd2
- pyparsing
- code (for the embedded Python interpreter)
- cx_Oracle

For further reference, see the sqlpython docs, particularly the comparative review of sqlpython vs. SQL*Plus vs. gqlplus vs. Senora vs. YASQL.

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