Friday, February 20, 2009

"Writing about Python" at PyCon

PyCon early-bird registration deadline is TOMORROW (Saturday)! No time to lose - go register!

Most Open Spaces are not scheduled until the very day they are held, and that's good. Some are done with some advance planning, though, and that's good too. Doug Hellman is already preparing a "Writing about Python" open-space session at PyCon; I'm eager to take part.

If you're not familiar with conferences like PyCon, you may not realize that the formal schedule, goodie-packed though it is, is not the whole story by a long shot. People use the Open Spaces for a huge variety of things; last year, for instance, I got a lot out of a group organizers' freeform open space discussion, and even more out of the now-famous "Teach Me Twisted" session. If you think the published schedule leaves you in fits of indecision, wait until you see the Open Space board. There's a sort of joyful despair in seeing that you would need three months of PyCon to take part in all the PyCon you want.

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