Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ponyshow: showing off in Python

PyOhio is getting a table at Ohio LinuxFest to advertise PyOhio and Python in general. We're going to set up a computer running demonstrations of eye-catching Python tricks - stuff passing geeks can look at and think, "Hunh! That's pretty cool! I'm going to try this Python thing."

To run the demo, I've written a little script called ponyshow. You can use it yourself (on *nix) - install Mercurial, then
hg clone http://hg.assembla.com/ponyshow ponyshow

I need suggestions for what to put in the show! If you had a few lines of code to show why you love Python, what would they be? Importing modules is fine - I'm certainly going to show off vPython and pyglet, for example. What would you show?

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