Sunday, July 27, 2008

PyOhio: wow

Wow. PyOhio went great. I have so much to say, I hardly know where to start. Expect multiple posts.

The hope was to duplicate some of the learning and atmosphere of PyCon on the small scale. I really think we achieved it. The talks were excellent, attendee enthusiasm was high, and plenty of people stepped up to the tasks that needed doing.

THANK YOU to everybody who was involved!

Not everything was perfect, of course. I'll devote a full post to glitches and mistakes. But in general, I'm extremely happy. We could have sat around wondering whether this area could really support a good regional conference, but instead, we just went ahead and did the experiment, and the answer is clear: yes, it can and it did!

Check out some of the neat swag donation we got from WearPython and Apress!


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, thanks for leading this charge! Amazing conference. Lots of fun.

Ted Hosmann said...

Any video's of Lectures? Would love to watch them.

Sarah said...

Hi Catherine! Wish I could've been there this year. Great to hear about the event!

Sarah Elkins said...

I like the pythons with capes, and the T-shirt about knowledge over numbers.