Wednesday, May 21, 2008

slides from SQL*Plus Alternatives

I've posted my slides from today's GCOUG presentation here.

Thanks for being a great audience! Feel free to contact me to ask questions about SQLPython or request new features.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Catherine on this presentation of yours. Very good job!


Anonymous said...


I would like to check out

but the 1.4.3 and the 1.4.4
packages on PyPI are empty.


Siew Kam Onn said...

C:\1\sql\nfx>easy_install -U sqlpython
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "c:\1programs\python\lib\site-packages\sqlpython-1.4.6-py2.5.egg\sqlpytho", line 12, in
import pexpecter, sqlpyPlus
ImportError: No module named pexpecter

Unknown said...

Thank you for reporting that, Siew! I'm sorry, was left out of If you update sqlpython now, it should work.

Siew Kam Onn said...

Hi Catherine,

Got sqlpython running after your update.

I am also unable to retrieve the slides from

It just loads forever or returns a "Page cannot be displayed" error.

Siew Kam Onn said...

Do you have the slides at another URL ?
The still does not work.

Unknown said...

Siew, that presentation is very outdated, but there's a much newer and better paper on the topic at That's only a temporary home; I'm working on finding a permanent home for the documentation.