Friday, November 23, 2007

PyCon: 141 submissions!

We weren't very good about getting word out for the PyCon call for proposals, and as the deadline approached, there weren't a lot of submissions in the queue. We worried about whether we'd messed up.

Oh, we of little faith! The last couple days before the deadline, the floodgates opened. We got 141 talks submitted! (And about 40 tutorials!)

And they're great submissions! If I had my way, I'd attend about 3/4 of them personally. Unfortunately, for a 3-day conference, we'll be lucky if we can fit half of them into the schedule. Well, I did suggest running PyCon on a 24-hour basis, but for some reason that wasn't accepted.

So now we've got to somehow narrow down the field to what we can fit in the con, and that's a painful process. Quite a few excellent talks won't go on the schedule simply because there's no room.

The good news is that we've got lots of space set aside for multiple tracks of Open Space sessions, which don't require any approval. So, in essence, we may get two PyCons running side-by-side - a traditional one with scheduled talks, and an unconference-like bunch of Open Space activity.

Too much good stuff... I'm definitely going to have to spawn some processes to see all I want to see.

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