Friday, January 26, 2007

Pardon, your template is showing.

Forgetting to apply data to your template is a pretty understandable mistake. But why are quantities like $baseCommittmentNumber queried live, while "6th movie" and "7th movie" are hard-coded? I hope they weren't just too lazy to generate ordinal forms of $baseCommittmentNumber+1 and +2 on the fly!

Incidentally, when all is said and done, the Columbia House deal works out to a minimum of ($0.50 X 5) + ($15 X 1) + ($20 X 3) + ($2 X 9) = $93.50 for 9 DVDs.


Metlin said...

Hey, at least that's online. Better than your chocolate raisins coming with printed SQL queries.

Unknown said...

I want some! SQL-coated raisins: the perfect snack for the hardworking DBA!