Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm all grown up!

I'm finally a serious open-source participant!

... by which I mean...
  • I was using a software package (SQLAlchemy),
  • found a place where it didn't meet my needs,
  • submitted an enhancement, together with test case,
  • and had the enhancement taken up into the project trunk.
I've got a second (less trivial) enhancement submitted but not yet incorporated, too. If you're using SQLAlchemy and you need to use reflection on tables that you're reaching through a database link, you'll need to do it via synonyms and grab code from this ticket. I hope it'll get into the trunk eventually, but it's a low-priority specialty need. (Unless, of course, you need it, in which case there's nothing low-priority about it!)

I guess I've been through the process before with SQLPython, via private email with its creator... it just felt so formal this time, with a Bug Tracker and Ticket Numbers and everything.

Anyway, the whole process takes a little puzzling out... but wow, it's FUN!

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