Tuesday, November 07, 2006

IronPython and Oracle

In my post on "Oracle-free Oracle access", I speculated that using IronPython with Oracle's .NET tools might be an effective way to access the database, but I'd never actually tried it.

Since then, I've been contacted by two people who've not only done it successfully, they've written up nice descriptions with code.
I recommend both blogs - they're in my feed reader.

If you can't read Bernd's post, here's my translation of the text that precedes his script:
Here follows the code for a simple IronPython program which enables the interactive input of SQL statements and output from an Oracle database. I use the ODP, which apparently is included with Oracle 10g XE, because I have not installed it separately. In addition, I use the well-known HR demo schema.

After startup, an example session might look like this:

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Anonymous said...

Hallo Catherine
Many thanks for the translation.
By the way I tried google translation tools to view your post in german.
Seems to be a very funny experience.
'hr schema' became the meaning of hour schema and I can't remember ever to have attached 10G XE (to anything), I had just installed it.