Monday, October 02, 2006

Oracle BoF at LinuxFest

Thank God, the babysitter, and a wonderful spouse, I did get to go to Ohio LinuxFest after all. Hooray!

With one talk each on MySQL and PostgreSQL, it was a good day for database enthusiasts. Maybe that's why I saw quite a few Oracle users there.

The organizers also invited attendees to put together impromptu Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions. I was tempted to throw together one for Oracle, but I felt like my impromptu idea needed more preparation... I wanted to have a list of topics to seed discussion if it drags.

So, what kind of topics would you suggest for an Oracle-Linux BoF? Here are some that occurred to me.
  • Experiences with Oracle on various Linux distributions
  • Oracle's ancient Apache 1.3 HTTPServer; is it ever going to get to 2.0? Can you get mod_plsql working on Apache 2.0?
  • Open-source SQL*Plus alternatives (actually, someday I hope to talk at OOUG on this)
  • Experiences with RAC on Linux, Oracle Cluster File System, etc.?
Please, add topics to this list! And, if you're going to be at next year's Ohio LinuxFest, come be part of an OraBoF!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Free/open source graphical database clients like TOAD or SQL Developer that work with more than just Oracle.

I want to be able to fire queries at (currently) SQLite, MySQL and Oracle without changing tools. Currently I use IPython but its a pain to keep track of your queries and easily refine them.

One day I'll write this application, one day.