Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Qnxo price weirdness

Let me say, first off, that I deeply appreciate everything Steven Feuerstein does for the Oracle community.

But the marketing of Qnxo has just gotten weird. My boss asked me for my wishlist for the software budget, and I tried to put Qnxo on it. On Qnxo's "buy it" page, I got
Qnxo is, for the time being, available only on a trial basis. The trial version offers the full range of Qnxo functionality and will work for 30 days after install. If you would like to continue using Qnxo after that point, please visit the Support page and fill out the Contact form. We will then provide you with a key that will enable Qnxo for use until the end of 2006. If you have any questions, please also submit your question through the Support page.
I thought refusing to give customers a straight up-front answer on a price was a hallmark of $10K+ software. Last I heard, Qnxo was $175.

If it were open-source, I'd dive in and use it. If it were proprietary with a clear price, we could decide whether to buy it. But this? I'm supposed to make it a part of my development process based on the hope that, when we're ultimately given a price, it'll be acceptable? I don't see how anybody can do that. I know we can't.

[EDIT 09-09-2007: Steven himself (!) just notified me via his comment that Qnxo is now QCGU, and it's free of charge. Thanks, Steven!]


Anonymous said...

Or you go for an open beta with expiring software and then start charging when you've got it finished. But make sure up front you set an expectation of how much you are going to charge so that people can put the appropriate amount in their budget.

Personally, if I ever manage to write any decent software I'll open source it for two reasons;

1. I'm too lazy to collect license fees
2. Showing how smart I am on the internet can only really improve my employment prospects.

Failing that I'd make the base product open source and sell proprietary extensions ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,

did you check FAQ (http://www.qnxo.com/faq.php)? You'll find exact price list (see "How much does Qnxo cost?").


jimmyb said...

I believe Quest Software now owns QNXO and Steve is re-writing a commercial version for Quest. Which is why you see no pricing info. You might try this link for more information. http://www.qcgu.net/index.php

Steven Feuerstein said...


Sorry about the confusion. Qnxo is now the Quest CodeGen Utility, and it is freeware. We are coming out with 1.5 hopefully in the next month or so - mostly just a rebranding exercise: