Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blogging tools

I've seen so many blogging tools over the past year or so... many of them seem like interesting projects that have generated lots of excitement.

Here's the part I don't get, though. Why? Had people honestly been going around saying, "Wow, entering my blog entries conventionally is such a time drain"?

I blog a few times a month, and the challenge is having something worth saying and choosing words to say it well - not slinging those words into Blogger's standard posting interface. It's hard to imagine how shaving seconds off that could honestly be worth choosing, installing, and understanding a blogging tool, much less writing one. Maybe if I blogged six times a day, but who would read that?

Maybe someone who "gets it" can explain it to me?

I suspect that this is one of these cases that's being driven by the coolness of the solutions, not the actual need for them. Mind you, I've got nothing against that. I have often spent three hours writing code to avoid a one-hour manual job. (Which is not as illogical as it sounds, because when you finish the manual job, somebody's bound to say, "Oh, I'm so sorry, but we need it done again..." Not that a logical consideration of that possibility is what drives me; I do it because it's fun.)


Anonymous said...

Sure, lots of it is probably the usual coolness thing, but blogging is also personal enough that people want their blogs to represent them more accurately than the standard Blogger way often allows. (Admittedly, Blogger's gotten much better in recent years, but it used to be the height of drone-like conformity a few years ago.) My blog is a software playground as much as a place to write. In fact, I should probably stop playing with the software and start writing again! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good point, Catherine.

Even though I recommended a Firefox plugin, I rarely use it (although it does have functionality to blog based on an existing snippet which is nice). Because simply, I found that the browser interface is just as simple.