Saturday, April 22, 2006

IOUG Collaborate! handouts

If you're on your way to Collaborate!, and getting annoyed at the way you need to search manually for each session just to download its session materials, this script may be handy. It lets you grab the session materials from your personal itinerary.

Be gentle, it was written in a huge hurry.

"""Creates a version of your Collaborate! personal itinerary with links to
session materials.

To use:
0. Make sure your machine has Python.
1. Login to your personal itinerary at
2. Once your personal itinerary is showing, use Save As to save the webpage
to your hard drive. Name it PersonalIT.cfm.html. (This should be the
default name.)
3. Put this script in the same directory with PersonalIT.cfm.html.
4. Run the script by issuing 'python' at the command prompt.
5. Open the generated file PersonalIT.withLinks.cfm.html with a browser.
6. The (find materials) links for each title will search for session materials.

By Catherine Devlin ("""
import re, urllib
titleRe = re.compile('(Title:</td>\s+<td.*?>(<a href.*?>(.*?)</a>))', re.DOTALL | re.MULTILINE)
f = open('PersonalIT.cfm.html')
contents =
newContents = contents
sessions = titleRe.finditer(contents)
sessionLinks = [s.groups()[1:] for s in sessions]
for (wholeLink, title) in sessionLinks:
withNewLink = '%s <a href="">(find materials)</a>' % (wholeLink, urllib.quote(title))
newContents = newContents.replace(wholeLink, withNewLink)
newFile = open('PersonalIT.withLinks.cfm.html','w')

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