Sunday, January 11, 2009


I'm back from CodeMash!

I got a lot of great ideas, and I especially liked Wednesday's CodeJam, where I started building pyparsing_helper. Hacking on code while surrounded by sharp people to absorb energy and advice from is a great way to get things done! I finished it on the way home, so pyparsing_helper is officially a child of CodeMash!

This is what I had in mind when imagining "Kodos for pyparsing" last week.

One big bad fly in my ointment: pasting into pyparsing_helper isn't working. I don't know why. That's top priority for fixing for v0.1.1; I wonder if I'll have to switch out of Tk to get it to work.

easy_install pyparsing_helper

[EDIT:] Paste does work under Windows, and it looks like it's an inherent Tkinter flaw... what's up with that? Tkinter's only been around for, oh, 15 years or so - and this core function is still unfixed? Maybe that's why all the cool kids quit using it years ago.

[EDIT #2:] OK, paste did work in *nix, but only in its Shift-Insert variety. pyparsing_helper 0.1.1 (available now) makes the more familiar Ctrl-V pasting available, too.


ptmcg said...

??? I had no problem pasting into pyparsing_helper. I pasted code into a code pane and text into a text pane, and both worked just fine. (Running Python 2.5.2 on WinXP)

However, Select-All (Ctrl-A) did not work, and Undo would be nice to have.

-- Paul

ptmcg said...

Very handy! I just posted a link on the pyparsing wiki's News page. You have done a great service to pyparsing users everywhere! :)

-- Paul

shiihs said...

Interesting tool!

Idea for a feature: exporting the examples so they can be run as unit tests.

Anonymous said...

Now just do the same for Regular Expressions and we are set

anatoly techtonik said...

It may worth to link to your post about Reinteract

But I can see that pyparsing_helper still can be useful as a specialized tool (Reinteract doesn't have color highlighting of matched regions), but to make it more maintainable, I'd port it to PySide/PyQt4. This way it can also be used as a plugin for Spyder.

Unknown said...

I'm one of the cool kids who quit tk long ago. Actually I'm not that cool, I just got into python around 2009 when you released this. I have not even a clue how to run the GUI. I installed the package with pip. Now what?
I'm desperately in need of help with pyparsing. I guess I'm spoiled but lately when a python package like pyparsing is released you expect documentation in one place that explains the classes.
I guess its a sign we've come a long way, and also a sign that the really cool python people like yourself write tools to help other python people in need.
I'm sure that executing your GUI is the easiest part in this whole process, but I'm just an ignorant noob when it comes to Tk