Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year! And a happy new name for The Application Formerly Known As Geek Event Aggregator (or geekeventfinder). Say hello to

It's your one-stop resource for finding out, "How can I get together with some nerds in <insert place here>?" comes with an exciting new feature: it actually works now. No, really. Go try it.

I achieved this by using some cutting-edge technology called "CGI scripting" and a "database". The problem of gathering the data has been pretty much solved for literally years, but I kept trying to find Web 2.0-ish solutions for getting the data to you: Oracle Application Express, Google Calendar, Google App Engine. All of them seemed great at first, but eventually frustrated me to tears.

The one nod to Web 2.0 is the very helpful use of Yahoo and Google web services for interpreting location information.

Anyway. I was so proud I actually bought a domain name for it. So go use and enjoy, and suggest missing events for it, and I'll see you at the VIC-20 club in Kalamazoo.


Michael Foord said...

Hi Catherine. I searched for "Northampton, UK" which returned a link to:

Clicking on this produced an interesting traceback...

Other than that, great idea.

Unknown said...

Couple of things. The links for restful interfaces are IP based vs the domain.

Second, any change to do something for recurring events? It makes it hard to spot new items since so many repeat month/month. Maybe have some sort of heading/break between months to make it clear/easier to read?

Cool stuff, nice to see MUG on there :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Michael; that's fixed.

Deuce, I changed the restful HTML link, but it looks like I'm stuck for JSON (see this). I'll think about your other suggestion.