Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Python in OTN again

Here's a cheer to Przemek Piotrowski for his recent OTN article, Build a Rapid Web Development Environment for Python Server Pages and Oracle. Python Server Pages are just one of the 1022 ways to build a web application with Python, but his methodical instructions would be useful for doing anything remotely related (including installation of Oracle XE and mod_python).


Anonymous said...

Rembember your mod_python question Catherine? Get back to my post to find the answer.

Anonymous said...

Did you see www.djangoproject.com? I like the architecture proposed in this product; however, there is no an Oracle API to connect this product. I would like your comments about this.
Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge with a great enthusiasm!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, there is support for Oracle in Django but it's not yet official.